Aliexpress Dropshipping Essential Tools and Websites [UPDATED]

Thinking about of starting a dropshipping business? Check out this new guide here

[Guide] Dropshipping on Amazon using the ‘Shotgun’ method – Perfect for beginners


Build your personal eCommerce store that integrates natively with thousands of plugins you can grab it here and get a free trial which gives you enough time to build and test out your store for a couple of weeks.

Shopify features

  • Free themes for your store
  • Sales and traffic analytics
  • Easy to use
  • Fraud analysis; really useful when you get those fraudulent orders from Indonesia
  • Unlimited file storage


There are other alternative to Shopify however I won’t discuss them as they don’t have the dropshipping automation tools that Shopify offers, which in my opinion are very powerful.


Oberlo is a fantastic plugin for Shopify that in my opinion is absolutely essential if you’re planning to drop ship with Aliexpress.

Oberlo features

  • Import products to your Shopify store from Aliexpress in 1 click
  • Automatically sync Aliexpress orders with Shopify orders
  • Fulfill orders semi-automatically; Oberlo will order the product for you on Aliexpress and fill out customer information, all you have to do is click the pay button
  • Pricing / Stock automation; after you set your own margins Oberlo will update the product price / quantity in Shopify if they change on Aliexpress

There are many features that I haven’t listed and I urge you to try this plugin out as it really cuts your workload in half.



This website will give you up to 10% cash back on all Aliexpress purchases, if you’re planning to dropship a lot of products this can increase your profit substantially.

This is what the level roadmap looks like, once you get $200 cash back earned you start earning the maximum 10% comission,  after fulfilling 22 orders I earned $21 in a day.


This website supports multiple payout methods however if you’re outside of Russia I believe the only viable method is PayPal.


Google Trends

Look up public search trend data for google, with this you can check how a specific keyword is doing, so you can decide if it’s the right time or keyword to get into


Google Adwords

This is mainly used for Google’s ad platform however after creating an account you can view search volumes, similar keywords, CPC etc for keywords for different locations and languages. This website can be a little confusing at the start but if you play around with Tools > Keyword Planner>Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category It should give you some relevant search data and relevant keywords that you can target


Aliexpress Bestselling

This shows you the current best selling items on Aliexpress ( these usually have high competition already but you never know, you could also find a similar item to the one that is selling really well)



Search for most watched after products on ebay with information on the units sold by category and region.


For anyone thinking about starting out, all I can say is just try it out, you won’t know how far you’ll get without putting in the time.

Have any questions?

Feel free to contact me through my blog or email me at

7 thoughts on “Aliexpress Dropshipping Essential Tools and Websites [UPDATED]

  1. hey, great blog, thanks for the tips. btw, you know how can we deal with the suppliers from Aliexpress, so that our customer don’t receive the true receipt with the price from Aliexpress?


    1. Hello,

      I talked about this in this post under “Sourcing branded products from Aliexpress” and “Customer Invoices”

      Basically you want to send the supplier a message after every order reminding them not to supply an invoice because you’re dropshipping. Example here:

      P.S I’ve handled over 900 orders and I haven’t had a single issue with a customer receiving an invoice, however my results can’t assure other suppliers won’t do the same so be careful and message them.


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