Tips on Dropshipping on Amazon and my current venture

I cannot disclose what I’m selling however I can tell you that it’s a mixture of products within a $10-$30 product cost range, the products are relatively small allowing me to ship them for free from Aliexpress/Gearbest.

When I started I sold expensive products which cost me around $200 per unit because I thought it would be better to do 2 orders a day which would net me around $80 compared to fulfilling 20 orders and getting the same amount of money, now when I look back it wasn’t very smart as I was just starting out and if I weren’t lucky I would have lost money before I gained any as I didn’t have any profits to cover losses.

My advice would be to sell a combination of differently priced products.

I sell a few items that cost me $100-$200 to purchase, you have to be careful with products like these and sacrifice some of your margins for a better shipment method, it’s better if the package arrives safe and fast to your customer.

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Pay attention to some of the items you’re selling that are over 1kg, I got an order to Iceland once and after going to the checkout on Gearbest I realized that the shipping cost would put me at a -$10 loss and there was no free option, this is hard to avoid if you’re selling a lot of items I mean who has the time to check the shipping costs to all the countries in the world.

Currently I get around 20-50 orders a day which takes me around 3 hours to order all the products and then the next day another hour to dispatch the products once the supplier confirms shipment.

Lastly, for social proof, not to show off, this is my dashboard from one of my sales channels dating 4 weeks.

I average a 40% margin to give you an idea of the actual profit.


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