Setting up a delivery time overhead on Amazon to cope with long transit times

Amazon requires you to ship items within 2 days of the order date, this can become quite troublesome when dropshipping as your supplier might be taking a long time to process your order and you really want to provide a tracking number when you dispatch orders on Amazon so that your seller metrics are clean.

What you can do to give you more time to dispatch orders is set up extra production time for your listings/offers.

If you go to your Inventory and click the Edit button next to the listing and within the Offer tab with Advanced View on( I think it’s always on by default) you have to find the ‘Production Time’ field, in here you want to add a delay that will add time to the expected dispatch date and also show up before the customer purchases your product.

For example, instead of it saying arrives between Jan 1 – Jan 4, it will say ” dispatches in 3-5 days”

Personally I use a 5 day delay which works perfectly for me however anything 3+ should be enough, having too much delay can actually act against you as the customer doesn’t want to wait too long for the item to arrive and might think twice and order from your competitor who’s product costs only $1 more than yours.



Note: This has to be set up for every listing/offer you create


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