Gearbest VS Aliexpress

These are the two websites that I use to source my products from, they are both viable websites however they have their pros and cons.


GearBest Aliexpress
Easy to navigate catalog of products Have to sift through duplicate catalog entries from different suppliers
A lot of products are stocked in Europe Products are rarely stocked outside of China
You get points totaling your order amount (200 usd = 200 points, 50 points = $1) Up to 10% cash back with AliBonus (save more money than with GearBest)
“Gearbest buyer protection”, they don’t have to answer to nobody while on Aliexpress you can always dispute Buyer protection by Aliexpress
Supports Paypal Only supports credit cards
Stock problems, shows products as in stock when not in stock


After reading this ,I wouldn’t ditch one or the other, they’re both good websites, I would pick one main website based on where you will make the most profit and leave the other for other things you can get cheaper.

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