How I started my dropshipping journey

Around November 2016, I read a post about how you can use Shopify to dropship products from websites like Aliexpress, this got me interested and I decided to do more research.

Click here to read my post about Shopify and Aliexpress

Having never done anything like this before I decided to start brainstorming potentially viable niches for my website.

Ideas that I came up with and I tried all of them eventually (some of these might seem crazy)

  • Vegan/organic products
  • Stab proof jackets
  • Nail drying lamp
  • Anime/Video game merchandise




This is what my first website looked like, I planned to dropship seeds as they didn’t cost that much on Aliexpress $0.20 – $1




The website was aimed at vegans / people who want to grow their own vegetables and even though it wasn’t a success (I  shut it down after a month) I learned a lot from my mistakes.


I won’t talk about the other 2 websites as they aren’t worth talking about however my last

was open for about about 3 months and here are the 90 day stats



I tried different advertising methods to drive some traffic to my store, the most successful were:



On reddit I visited different sub-reddits related to the merchandise I sold, for example I would visit a sub reddit for a specific video game and look for a user made post where I could advertise my website without it looking like I’m just posting to advertise.

This is because reddit doesn’t allow straight up advertising and will ban you from the sub-reddit if you break the rules.


I created a Pinterest account where I would pin all the products from my website which surprisingly drove a lot of traffic to my website, I also used a free program called Pinvictus which automates a lot of things you would be doing manually on pinterest like  re-pinning, following, unfollowing, etc


Here are some of my pinterest stats



As you can see I reached out to quite a lot of people with not much effort


I first started off by manually advertising my website on the appropriate game channels however that seemed a bit mundane and spammy so I decided to try out an affiliate program that I would offer to the streamers.

This is what the email I sent to the streamers looked like


Unfortunately nobody accepted my affiliate invitation, probably because nowadays streamers want to be paid for putting an ad in their description instead of earning straight up commission, unless you’re a big known company.

This is where my Shopify journey ended and I transitioned into Amazon, however I urge you to try out Shopify as they offer you a free trial and you might be more successful than me at finding a perfect niche


Have any questions?

Feel free to contact me through my blog or email me at

6 thoughts on “How I started my dropshipping journey

  1. Awesome man. I am wanting to get into Aliexpress dropshipping too. Could you give me some tips on how and where to start? Are there any articles that isn’t bs? I like your blog because it seems more genuine than many of the popular ones haha


  2. Hey,

    Yea I try not to sugar coat things and talk about my real experiences, you need to do some research before you start and find a good niche or product to sell. I’d suggest trying out websites like: – searching by keywords let you look up the search volume over time – you can use this to get specific search volume and competition for keywords – this shows you the current best selling items on aliexpress ( these usually have high competition already but you never know, you could also find a similar item to the one that is selling really well) – you can search for most sold/sought after products on ebay by category and region

    What I would do is go through Aliexpress and look at some decent Chinese brands and look through their products and check them on Amazon to see if

    1. People are already selling them
    2. If people are already selling them, can I undercut them
    3. If people aren’t already selling the product check if it requires a specific approval in a category on Amazon, if not then I can consider making my own listing

    Good luck in your journey

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    1. Wow, thank you so much man! I hope your journey is going well too! Love this site already man. It’s fresh to find genuine help. I’m currently taking action on what you’ve provided me. Thank you again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For now I am, however I have plans to dive deep into another website after the Chinese New Year as Amazon really pushes you down with their strict rules and I’d like more freedom.


  3. Awesome. I heard a lot about the restrictions with Amazon, and I too love the freedom of having your own website! Looking forward to you posts!


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